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ESU sound chip - what have I done ?


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Hello all


Im writing this more in fustration than anything as I have had a pig of a last 24 hours. First that awful weather has made a hole in my roof (thankfully not over my layout), then I opened the wifes car to find the footwell 1 inch deep in water and to top it all my fave sound fitted loco has just given up the ghost. I am praying these things only come in threes.


It was an ESU 3.5 with a sound project by Keytes of Essex from about 4 years ago - in a standard five by Bachmann. All was well when I used it last but this time when I put it on the track it moved a little but the sound would not come on and then eventually it would not move or make sound at all. I have tried 2 other sound fitted locos on the same controller and running line and they are fine.


Replacing the chip with the 8 pin blanking plate means that I now have a loco that will run but I am as you can imagine a bit cheesed off and wondering if I have caused this somehow. I have spoken to a very polite gentleman at Coastal DCC who has offered to test the decoder for me at an upcoming show so I will know if its an ex-parrot. If not I may ask for it to be reblown with a new sound set but I have a niggling worry that maybe it would do it again.


I am not able to do a CV8 reset as I only have the EZ command and as far as I know there has been no escape of the magic smoke.


Any thoughts guys or do these things sometimes just give up the ghost ?


Its the first time Ive had this happened and in a way its actually made me long for the simplicity of DC running as there is less to go wrong.


Heres hoping for a happier christmas - best wishes to all



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Hi Chris


Have you tried the chip in another loco?

I keep 2 spare chassis - 8 & 21pin class 20s - for chip testing, is very handy!

Good luck - hope you get sorted, if you were nearer I would offer more help




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Thanks guys


I have PM'd you Karl - many thanks


Hi Brittania - I have nothing unfortunately no sound and no movement - drawing a blank on both fronts.


Hi Phil - good idea - I think I have a Hornby class 59 which is really easy to get into and that has an 8 pin decoder socket so its worth a go. Thanks



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