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BBC report " West Somerset Railway future 'secure' "


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This is from today's BBC News (Somerset) Website http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-25535444


I wasn't aware the WSR's future was insecure.


Is this a real story (i.e. was their future insecure)?


Or just reporting of a non-story - although it says the council are considering selling off the WSR, are they really going to sell it for a non-railway use? Is this just old news that comes up every now and again?


(Off topic, but a similar non-story reported last week was the one about how toilet waste from trains emptys onto the tracks and hence track workers - this is hardly news, toilets were emptying this way for years before new stock with tanks was introduced).

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The trackbed is council owned and leased to an association who run the trains I believe.


I don't think the council would ever sell it for non railway use, it generates employment and brings in tourists.


I think what they might have considered is selling the trackbed to the WSR Association but that would only if it was beneficial to all.


The Bodmin railway operates in a similar fashion, the operating company recently got a long term lease/franchise to operate meaning they can now plan and invest to develop the line.

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Bearing in mind the massive funding pressures on local authorities, it is fair to assume that SCC would review the arrangement if there is a net revenue cost to the authority arising from the current arrangements, or if there is a potential capital receipt. I did have a look on their less than informative website to no avail. Any Somerset-based members who saw the savings consultation out there?

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.......... Personally I hope the WSRA are successful. The PLC currently have too much power.




Not quite sure that is strictly correct.....


There are always two sides to the story... with potentially / possibly / maybe ..... villains on both sides.


Hopefully, now that both parties are talking, these issues might be being put to bed. Let's hope so, for the greater benefit of the railway itself.


I agree though the "insecure railway" headline is probably a recycled story. The correct bit is that the Council will decide this month who they will sell it to.


Let's wait and see!

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