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Afternoon all

Greetings of the Season and all that. Hope you had a good one.

Time for an update.

I've been quiet on here of late, not because I haven't been doing anything but the opposite. It's been all systems go since the end of October. Not solely model railways either. SWMBO decided that the time had come for a new kitchen so we've had the house upside down. Thankfully everything went live on 22 December and the brownie points I've acquired will last me most of 2014 I hope! It had better the number of shows I'm doing...


Anyhoo, back to the trains. Whisper it quietly but I think Clevedon is ready for its debut at Weston on 12 Jan. I say ready, not finished because there will be loads of detailing to add but importantly everything seems to work (may regret saying that). It'll give us a chance to give it a good shakedown. There are a few shows lined up already but I'll post details of those when everything's confirmed.


If you're in Weston on 12th, come along and say hello. It's always a busy 1 day show with lots of layouts. If you can't, here are a few pix. Backscene isn't attached so excuse things like the tube of Resin W emerging from the water tanks!


Fascia with snazzy lettering


Terrier No4 and a MR van


All quiet in the yard. Just the large railcar and Terrier seem to be on shed.


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