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Saltmarshe Rod part 2 - the Level Crossing


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My entry for the 2011 challenge was part of an imaginary SER station on an area of marshland somewhere on the south coast of Kent. The original topic is here and there's also the summary topic.


(2011, was it really that long ago...............?)


The plan was, and still is, for this to become part of an actual layout as and when I get the space, and the original diorama is packed away in a box waiting for this to happen. So it seems like a good idea to build another bit of the station for this challenge.


This is the original sketch I did showing the full station.


I'd always planned to do a spot of perspective modelling for the level crossing area, to show the road disappearing in to the distance, with the actual village a good mile or so away on the skyline in the best tradition of these remote stations. So I'll be doing a diorama of the level crossing area, including the signalbox and possibly some railway houses. More details to follow as I do some actual planning.

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