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Penborne and Monsal Vean Preservation Society


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This is my oo gauge home layout, it's a Cornish preserved railway set in the fictional town of Penborne (combination of Camborne and Penzance) and a small branch to the village of Monsal Vean designed as a GWR, LNER joint line (complete rubbish I know). The layout is in an 8ft by 12ft shed with 2 central 2ft square operating holes. I will be using DCC to control it and not all of my rolling stock is actually preserved but this is my fun layout, a more serious N gauge layout set in the eastern region but not sure where yet running stock from between the years of 1930 and 1960 but enough about that. I will get some photos on at some point but it is just bare board at the moment as I'm still planning the layout.



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I have several steam locomotives and diesel locomotives, and as I said before not all are really preserved but the location is fictional too so it doesn't really matter.

The steam locomotives that are really preserved are(the company name at the beginning reflects the company that built it not its livery):

LNER V2 Green Arrow

LNER B12 8572

BR rebuilt Merchant Navy clan line

SR M7 245

BR 9F Evening Star

GWR 14xx 1466

GWR 43xx 7325

LNER J52 68846

GWR 45xx 4566


I also have many other steam locomotives that aren't preserved like:

BR L1 67722

LNER V2 60903

GWR 57xx 7788

GWR 8750 4680

LNER A1 4476 Royal Lancer

SR N15 773 Sir Lavaine

BR Ivatt Class 2 46526

GWR 56xx 6655 (ongoing restoration project currently awaiting transfers and number plates)

GWR 94xx 9463 (ongoing rebuild awaiting pretty much everything)

LNER J94 68010

LNER J83 8474

MR 3F 43469

LMS 4mt 3001

BR WD 2-8-0 90445

L&Y pug 51241

LNER J50 68917

BR 9F 92239

LB&SCR terrier 32468 (afaik that's a fictional running number but I'm sure someone can correct me)

GWR 57xx L97

And more



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