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My move to a new home has had it's problems. The broken down removal lorry that split my delivery in two, part 1 arriving next day as

expected on the 3rd, part 2 coming 2 days later.

Then when the man came to fit a water meter it indicated a leak. The water company dug a couple of holes and then decided it was

leaking under the bungalow. We have cut off the old supply pipe & laid in a shorter more direct one and have stopped the water loss.


At the same time I was trying to board out the loft and place supports between trusses to have a layout on one side and extra storage

on the other. I also had to wait for my Son to come & help lift two 6 foot long boards through the loft hatch. Managed to get it working

as the old year slipped away.




Designed for blue diesels this layout used insulated frog points & a couple of slips. Now trying to run steam locos at slow speeds I

having regular stalling over frogs. This Bachmann Collett goods is probably the best, I would like virtuall stall speeds to be possible,

but fear I can't get that. Strange that the 0-6-0 Collett goods are fine, yet a Jubilee 4-6-0 can't get anywhere near as slow before

it stalls, yet the basic chassis pickup is through the 6 coupled driving wheels .... the same as the Colletts ? Wheels cleaned, track

deep cleaned, pickup wipers cleaned and contact pressure increased, checked that at maximum deflection all wipers have good

contact and wheel backs cleaned ????? Is it a weight balance difference ?? Oh & I don't bother with B2B settings as wheel thicknesses

can vary, I adjusted so the tyre to flange measurement is 16.40 mm (as the Collett goods).


Apart from re-building with live frog points anyone any further ideas ????


Geoff T.


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