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Peco SmartFrog

Ron Ron Ron

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Does anyone know if the forthcoming Peco SmartFrog (cat. no. PLS-130 - a.k.a. ANE Model's AP003) operate on the same principle as Tam Valley Depot's Frog Juicer modules, or does it operate automatic frog power switching some other way?






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It's operated directly by the SmartSwitch itself according to the documentation.  The hex frog juicer is triggered by recognizing a short circuit occurring on the frog, with all that entails .....

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Never heard of it so went a looking!


Link to Peco web site:-









I saw the news in the Smaller Suppliers section of this forum.

Although I was aware of ANE's product range and availability in the UK, I have no idea how long that info has been on the Peco web site?


So Peco are going to be selling some of ANE's range of DCC devices under their own Peco brand.

The smartswitch and servo point motor will be most welcome.


The full range of Smartswitch products are on this link.

Peco are only stocking some of these (for now?).


Coastal DCC stock the ANE range.





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It looks like v3 of the SmartFrog detects shorts and V2 looks like it was triggered by the PWM for the servo from the SmartSwitch.


My first impression is that the system is a little too expensive, so I hope Peco can address that. Also the AME site is a little confusing and doesn't carry enough technical info, again I hope PECO can do something with it.


Cheers, Mark.

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