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Mansfield 2014 is go!


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Bit late with the announcement this year but the 2014 Mansfield Show is set for March 1st and 2nd 2014




Thanks to Andy for allowing us to use one of his superb photos in our publicity material


Layouts are as follows:


Thomas & Friends - N - traction of this parish

Fourgig East - O - my own humble offering

Karolina Falls - On30 - David Bailey

Annston - N - Paul Butler

Roanoke Roundhouse - HO - Bob Gellatley

Starker Verkher - HO - steve1 of this parish

David's Dublo - OO - The Rev David Fudger

Sutton Junction to Meden Vale - OO - Derek Gelsthorpe

Brenton Midland - David Page

Werrington Road - OO - our very own mason

Friarsgate - OO - Diesel Dayz

Furtwangen Ost - N - Les Richardson


As you can see quite a mix and a definite continental flavour to this year's show.


Traders will be confirmed later, but are the usual suspects with one more to confirm


Details from www.mansfieldmodelrailway.co.uk, although the site needs setting up for this year at the moment - check back later ;)

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Really looking forward to being back this year with Werrington Roads first outing, ill have Cav on the controls aswell.


Looking forward to seeing sutton junction and friarsgate too.


Hopefully the layout will run well i may even have a layout from the little layout company for sale to if i can build one in time.





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Really looking forward to this. This will be the third time that Friarsgate will have been exhibited, BUT, this will be the first time with all the scenics in place :sungum:  :locomotive:

Looking forward to actually having a proper look at Friarsgate. I was a little bit busy during its last two outings!

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Just printed off a load of best in show voting forms, should be an interesting result this year as to my eyes there is not one "stand out" layout this year. Could be a close run thing for once.


and just in case Kenton wants to venture "oop north" here's the floorplan ;)




We've concentrated the exhibits into the two main rooms upstairs this year as opening up the third room would leave the whole with an air of something missing it was felt. We actually have one more layout than last year but seem to have more space.


I hope to see loads of RMwebbers over the weekend, come and see me on Fourgig East, I'll also have the 4mm Rail Grinder with me and Pete Harvey will be helping me on the Sunday, so if you have any questions for him etc ......


Don't forget Paul Chetter (pauliebanger)'s DCC sound demo on the Saturday only and Cav's weathering demos all weekend next to Mason's Werrington Road

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Oh and whilst I was sorting through packing boxes I found the PH Designs Harsco Rail Grinder, I'll bring it with me so that anyone interested can have a look.




I've not progressed any more with it since this photo, it's in four bits at the moment - chassis, main body, cab and cab roof but it does run on DC

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