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An interesting Scottish layout for a complete beginner?


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I have always loved steam locomotives and history and have recently decided to undertake a modelling project.  I know the Glasgow to Oban line only too well and had thought of trying to model Ardlui or Crianlarich.  I have found reference to an old layout of Ardlui but have not been able to find a layout.  Do any members have any old layouts of either station, or a similar station that I could borrow?  Being a complete newcomer, even having bought layout guides, I am still confused about designing a layout.  Any help to an aging but keen beginner would be very much appreciated.



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I seem to recall a feature in Railway Modeller (I think)
Maybe about 7 or 8 years back,
which was a history, photos and plans of Ardlui....

Sorry I can't be any more specific - but if I come across a copy of it, I'll let you know
Ian Futers's books would be a good starting point for anyone considering modelling a Scottish station,
as he has built several fine examples, in O gauge, and seems to know the subject very well

Good luck, and let us know how you get on


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Also see this Months Railway Modeller as Ian has an article in there as well, it came out today.


Good luck, and also have a look at my Glen Roy and Loch Leven links below, you may get some ideas from that.


All the best,


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You will find this forum a haven of good advice and more importantly encouragement for your project.


There is so much inspiration and a wealth of information here that you cannot possibly go wrong, and if it does look as if you are running into a brick wall, someone on here will be able to help you out.


In fact you'll probably end up with so much information, you'll decide to do something larger and more complex.


As far as planning a model railway is concerned, my only advice would be to keep it simple and give yourself realistic targets that are achievable in a reasonable time scale.


Consider the railway as a test piece where you can practice techniques as with all the best will in the world, you will make mistakes, But if it's small and simple enough, it doesn't cost you a great deal in materiel or lost time.





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I think the problem with Crianlarich is that it was originally a triangular junction and, unless you bend the Fort William track and viaduct considerably it is difficult to fit the layout into a reasonable space.   How about Macduff - very under-modelled. e.g.



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There was a plan for Ardlui in RM August 1979 if you can lay your hands on one 


Also Steve Flint published a series of plans in Model Railways in 1988/89 again if you can locate them


Also have a look at my Kinmundy thread in the Layouts section 


Worth also looking out for any article written by Dr Peter Fletcher, although hailing from Yorkshire, has a soft spot for Scottish layouts  

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