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GWR Engines & Drivers

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i believe that, during the 19th century, it was usual for an express locomotive to be associated with a single regular driver. 


While researching my wife's ancestors, we have found several who were listed in early censuses as 'engine driver' or 'express engine driver' on the GWR.  Their names were Alfred, George, Stephen, and James Alden. 


I would like to try and model one of 'their' engines and would, therefore, be grateful for any information on where I might find records of which engines they might have driven.



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Hi Mike


I've found a few too but haven't yet 'taken it further'.  I suspect census dates and locations will be crucial to discovering the types of engine they 'drove'.


Difficult, isn't it, to balance the demands of 'family history' and railway modelling... they can both take all your time.  Nice, though, when the two come together.  Got a Railway porter or two in my tree as well!



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