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The passenger shed diorama is coming on, the end screen is now done, and the windows are glazed.


The backscene is visible through the windows, and still needs quite a bit of tweaking.


I'm at that stage when it feels like a days work goes nowhere, there are still gaps & missing components etc, but now & again I mock it up to get an idea of the space, and try the lighting out.


Bigcheeseplant came over to check up on Sunday, and here are some more progress photos that he took (indoors this time)



Walls are just propped up loose, but it's a better view of the hammerbeam style roof.  The screen is in now but there needs to be as much shadow as possible behind it.



The 'half' column is resting against the end mirror, some shadows appearing onto the screen, and the tram shed roof visible through the windows.



The platform behind the columns will be in shadow when its done, with the rooflights and windows doing all the lighting.



The effect to the right of this pic is what I'm after, with the light coming in.


Any comments & suggestions welcome.......Paul


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