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Amazing recordings from steamsounds.org.uk !

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Not entirely sure if this is the best place for this but oh well...  ;)


Browsing the web earlier today I stumbled across this gem of a website which has an archive of very high quality recordings of preserved steam on both the mainline and heritage lines with a smattering of equally high quality recordings from the 60s. I was blown away by the sounds and have been listening to them for about 6 hours now !  :O


Anyway here are the links:


http://steamsounds.org.uk/   The main site with the most recent recordings.


http://www.steamsoundsarchive.com/   The archive with over 350 mp3s !


http://steamsounds.org.uk/sixties.html   The 1960s recordings which are amazingly clear !


I am stunned at the number of brilliant clips on here, no wind noise, hardly ever any background noise, just epic sounds from hard working steam locos ! :)


Enjoy, Sam




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