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The Midland  roundhouse roof has slatted ventilation louvres along the full length, on both sides, of each of the three roof pitches and although a number were missing during the 50/60's they still pose challenge to accurately model them.


As a trial I decided to try and model the rectangular roof ventilator situated over the machine shop in the Workshop building. I decided to use 2mm x 1.5mm 'T' section brass in which I cut  8 x 45deg slots using a piercing saw. 16 of these were made, three for each end and five for each side. The louvres were made from lengths of 0.3mm x 3mm nickel silver strip and soldered into the slots. Once the ends and sides were fabricated the whole assembly was soldered together to give the correct rectangular shape.




A test fit....



The hipped roof was then made up from my stock of lengths of 2mm x 1mm rectangular brass. The photo is an enlargement of the roof ventilator at Barrow Road.





Finally here are a few photos of ventilator in position above the machine shop.












The observant of you may have noticed some intruders in the sidings - Thomas, Annie & Clarabel [converted to P4] made an appearance for my grand-daughter over Christmas ;)




The result is pleasing and I shall use the same method to make the ventilators on the roundhouse roof - at least they consist of 3 louvres per side and not eight!


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