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Lichfield Micro-layout


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The Story

I was visiting the Astolat model show this weekend in Guildford, when I noticed 'the scrapyard'. It was a pile of buildings, loco bodies and various other things on sale for a donation only. One item stood out from the rest, a small station named 'Lichfield'. I had one of those moments when an idea for a layout springs to mind, I did the obvious thing to do in these moments, put my donation in the box and buy it!


So on further inspection when I got home I found it was completely scratch build out of balsa, card and wood, and was fitted with various LMS posters. On the underside of the platform there was a price label of 15 shillings, sold at an exhibition many years ago?


The Idea

The idea that sprang to mind the moment I saw 'Lichfield' was to have it placed on a small board with a single track running along the platform. This then developed into also having a siding at the front that would disintegrate into sleepers with no rails. The purpose of the layout all along was to be a base for photographs. Then another idea came to mind, why not give it to a good friend of mine who has no permanent layout, but a small but rather nice loco collection. A base for photographs would be perfect for him.


The Build

The layout was relatively easy to construct and only took 2 hours at most to do. The first stage with to glue down the track and sleepers, then add ballast, and then static grass and finally glue down the station.


The Result?

I took some photos of my pannier tank on the layout and I was so pleased with the result, it was just what I was hoping for. The final thing to do was to deliver it to my friend's house as a surprise gift. He was pleased with it, and we found it sat on his window ledge perfectly.


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I like this little project, and the fact you donated it as a gift as well in the end, you must have gained double satisfaction there, one in making the whole model and then gifting the item to your Friend.


A nice little thread that, thank you.


Happy modelling


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Nice one. Love those kind of things. 

Our club organise a modelling competition every year one of the category is called "the shoe box challenge"


This is what I submitted two years ago: UCL

Hi Pewky, that was an excellent little project as well, well done.

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Thank you! I must say that I have seen you "Wellboring" single line layout, I must have inspired me a little on this project!

Thanks for that Hornby, it's nice to know ideas are shared and it helps us to create.


Best regards


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