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BR Mk1 coach rain strips: help!

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Dear RMWebbers


I am hoping you can help me with something that I have struggled with for a while now?


I have a number of Coopercraft and Comet Mk1 coaches but I have struggled to position the short rain strips that run from the ends of the coach, tapering slightly towards the middle of the coach.


I use microcode for the strip, but my biggest challenge is getting the position and tapering aligned consistently. Given their prominence, any inconsistencies tend to stand out like a sore thumb.


Can anyone suggest a fool proof method/technique for positioning these items?


Many thanks,


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The method I use for full rainstrips (which you could probably modify for your short ones) is this:


Firstly I use 0.45mm brass handrail wire.


Mark up the highest point of the rainstrip on the roof (at the centre of the coach length).

Put a small dab of glue (superglue is best, but only a small dab) at this high point, and put the centre of the wire in place at the correct height, let it set.

Then put a dab of glue at the lowest point and place the wire into the glue and let it set.

You will note that the wire has taken on a perfect curve. The rest can be glued down where it sits or can be stuck with paint.


Hope this helps


Andy G

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I totally agree with Andy for the method of putting the strips on.

On the prototype these aren't rain strips as such. They are a piece of metal rivitted to the roof so the overflow from the roof mounted water tanks could be caught. This stopped passengers getting soaked especially when they where filled from hose pipes in stations. The position and length of the strips did vary a lot. If it looks right it usually is right, but there will always be a prototype which goes against the norm.



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