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Blog- Up the Line - 1918 - More on the big buiding

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Have been chipping away (literally!), at the big building. One side of the railings are finished, although not permanently fixed or painting completed yet. Will have to do a couple of bits for the other side and, rather frustratingly, the missing bits as am assuming they wouldn't have gone far so will have to contribute to the heap of junk and rubble that will occupy the front garden.




There is now some basic dirt and remains of flower beds in the front and a couple of detail bits such as the boot scrapper and door bell pull.




The upstairs is now pretty much finished apart from filling with rubbish and have have done the floors  downstairs (too clean at the moment!), and just need to finish walls and junk up.




Nearly there with this one and then  two more buildings to go. I have a prototype in mind for one and a good idea of what I want for the other but will probably be made up as it has a very specific job to do in acting as a view blocker to the fiddle yard entrance. It will also partly block the view to the current big building so why am I adding so much detail!


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