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Hi, my name is Fred.


I am 27 years old and I'm new to modelling railways. When I was growing up I was very spoilt and had a lovely trainset and loved to build models. I have had the usual bright yellow and blue and red steam engine going at a scale 300mph when I learned about how to add extra batteries and then moved on to HSTs which had unfortunate things happen to them. I got an intercity 225 set when I was 9 and a eurostar when I was 1. By the time I wad 12 I had a layout of a trakmat (the one that came with the eurostar, I think Hornby got all their most expensive parts and put them together) I extended the length and had another long loop coming off it that extended the layout to 8feet by 7 feet. I got a class 56 and a class 89(I think) with various wagons and when I was 13 found a tgv when I was in France for 100fr.


The unfortunate event that happened to the HSTs was that at age 9 in my head I was amazing at art, they are now painted in a briefing xc livery and GNER livery, all in hand painted humbrol enamel. Oops.


When I got to 14 I turned into a teenager and trains died away in favour of girls, I still secretly loved going on the train but things are different when you have all the hormones. 


Well I now have a girl and I liked it so I put a ring on it. So now I don't have to worry about girls, just keeping one happy. She told me about a year ago about how her dad bought her a trainset when she was about 5 but it was too delicate for her so he had to set it up and run it *chuckles*. She mentioned that she would love to play trains. 


New year's day, I was at the in-laws and we were all feeling a bit tired and full of pub fry-up and my father in law said he had something to show me. He had an old Hornby loco and some track. It was such a small amount of time before it was out and running on the dining room table that Brian Cox will be coming to investigate. We were heads on the table like little kids and wondering how we could make it go faster, even my wife helped, it was super fun. It ignited something in me and now here I am, I have been reading about how to do it properly and make a model railway and not a trainset.


I live in a small cottage and don't really have room for a suitable railway, I have a loft space but my father in law is in his 70s so that isn't really fair but he mentioned something very interesting to me, at their house (an old farm on the north yorkshire moors) they are having a new shed built, double garage with work bench around plus double car port for tractor and my wife's pony trailer ( she calls it a horse box) and there will be an upstairs to it, I don't know the exact details but it's safe to say I'm a little more than excited.


I hope I'll enjoy it here and I think I'm going to post in the layout threads, for inspiration.



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Hi Fred and welcome. 


If you want something to start with using Hornby track, I recommend some of the CJFreezer plans as being straightforward and compact. If you want to get more advanced, perhaps it would be better to consider alternative track suppliers from the outset as they are not totally compatible. Once you go from Hornby or Peco's Setrack, you need to think more about electrics.


If you / they are having a new shed built, ask the builders to leave two or three 2400 x 1200 sheets of 50mm or 100mm PIR sheet. This makes a simple, light and pretty self-supporting baseboard and by getting the builders to supply it, they solve the handling issues for you - just make sure you keep it dry! I am about to trial this as a new material so will let you know how well it works and any pitfalls I find. There are others on RMWeb with experience of using this too.


Enjoy it here!

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Part Jilly 'pony trailer' Cooper, part Robin 'Liked it so I put a ring on it' Thicke!  That introduction soliloquy made me smile!


I think you'll enjoy it here and fit in just fine.  If the other half (variously referred to on here as SWMBO amongst other epithets and affectionate terms) is supportive, then that's a definite bonus.


Welcome aboard.

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Hello Fred and welcome,


There is plenty of help, advice and information available on RMweb.


RMwebbers like :- good modelling, useful tips, pictures and a good yarn.

Thanks for starting off on the right foot.




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