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Bachmann 21 pin decoder


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Recently bought 2 of these decoders for 2 OO gauge locos- one for a Bachmann J11 and another for a Dapol Western.

My controller is a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance.

Although the locos run OK with their default addresses (ie 3), the Prodigy unit seems unable to change the addresses

of either of them; I have checked all the connections to the program track, and when I 'send' there is a light flickering (on the Western) and some slight movement with the J11. The addresses seem stuck on a value of 3. After an attempted change of address, when I attempt a 'read' the address value the J11 has the value '01267', but still responds to '3' when off the program track and on the main line. The Western returns a value of '0000' and also works with address 3 still.

Have I got two dud chips here? Is there a known fault with the Prodigy? Alnyone had this problem before?


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