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At long last I have made some progress with the LSWR coaches that have been on my bench for a week or two.


Inspired by Geoff Kent's recent article in MRJ 228 I have reviewed the way I make roofs.  Shaped balsa with a card board cover did not seem to be satisfactory.  Geoff's suggestion of building up the roof from plastic card and eventually gluing it in place seems to have certain advantages.  However, on these short vehicles the snag fit achieved will certainly be enough to hold the roof in place at least until all the external decoration (lining and varnishing), furniture (door and grab handles) have been fitted, the interior painted and the glazing has been put in place.


The second picture shows the first skin that will be gently rubbed down to ease the slight bumps over the 'frame' before the second layer is applied.  This will be followed by some tissue to represent the canvas before the gas lamp tops and roof strips are added.


I am now in with a chance of getting some running gear and couplings sorted out so they can go to Utrecht in just over three weeks.  I can cope with vehicles with no door handles but vehicles with out proper roofs are not on. .... Perhaps I will be able to get the furniture and temporary glazing on one side at least.


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