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Blog- halfmoon colliery railway - Coupling changes

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Back when i first started my own modelling I used the Avalon Line buffers just because I already had them since dad once bought an O9 loco kit and wagon kits from them, and as my stock has progressed I have just kept using this type of coupling but in the last year I have had running problems as a result of the AL buffers;

1) The buffers aren't wide enough to cover the sideways movement of the play in the wheels, on corners this creates buffer lock and pushes the wagons off the track.

2) When shunting, the chain gets trapped inbetween the buffers and pushes them around similar to buffer lock.


For a while now I've been trying to decide on the best replacement couplings;

chopper - too fiddly

knuckle -  requires a space behind the buffer beam for the pivot, which some of my stock hasn't got ad un-coupling magnets in the track.


The above are a little too expensive for me as well.


Hornby/Bachmann hook type - I just don't like them, although the narrower Bachmann ones look better, as used on the Charmouth layout.


I want something simple and cheap just like the current couplings, prototype couplings that I think are just right, are dumb buffers close together with a hook & chain inbetween as used on;

1) Kettering Furnaces

2) Stocks reservoir railway near Settle (the inspiration for the narrow gauge line on Jamie92208's "Long Preston" http://www.dalehead.org/temporary_railways.htm

3) Snailbeach District railway


Although at one time it would have been the most common type of coupling in Britain, Today I cut enough wooden block for all my stock and I done just over half of them. and with the buffers of a Snailbeach wagon white metal kit (these are all that is left after loosing bits over many many years) I put them on the bogie wagon and it looks alright.





Also, on the rebuild of the scenic break, I have drawn up templates to make the stonework onto and paint them before gluing them on.





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