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Good evening


First blog entry since we relocated back to UK and the period of re adjusting continues, particularly as we have downsized and have had to shift 99% of my railway stuff from our apartment to a storage garage a brisk walk away. No longer can I meddle and tinker with something located in a spare room...as there is no spare room :)


Have only managed one evenings modelling since July 2013 which was a crack at a 7mm C+L turnout kit, which is 75% complete...and as I thought this weekend that seems to sum up my modelling really...75% complete...nothing ever seems to get finished.


Following a trip to the excellent Southampton show on Saturday, I knew that finally seeing Gary's excellent Glenuig layout would stir up the BR blue juices :D...particularly as this was one of the inspirations for Kyle. A manageable sized layout will a small selection of nicely detailed rolling stock - in fact Gary was running Glenuig with just 3 trains :O


My last entry on Kyle http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blog/944/entry-11780-a-stay-of-execution hinted that it was salvaged to be used as a photo plank but when I did the original make-over of it, for some reason I never included lighting.


One thing I was pleased about the Paddock Wood layout was the lighting and framed letterbox view so it got me thinking that instead of starting another project which will probably only get to 75%...that perhaps I should revisit Kyle for the remaining 25%. Which includes a selection of Stephen Harris kits residing in the gloat box.


Here's how the layout currently is after cutting back and being bubbled wrapped for the UK bound return move. As can be seen the backscene needs to be redone to lose the bubbles:




I was thinking of two phases of work. Phase One being the construction of a new fascia panel which would frame and contain the layout as well as conceal the lighting (My preferred Ikea ones of course!) Here is a quick sketch of how this might be:




Phase Two would then be to work on the rolling stock and perhaps try and get it running again. Possibly a brand new detachable fiddleyard to replace the cassettes (I have always wanted to build a fiddleyard using those mini draw runners) although I will have to test run the layout first to see if it is worth it as the original foam board base construction twisted in the middle which may be un recoverable.


Here's a quick photoshop showing how the new fascia would frame the view...the end will be left open to avoid the 90 degree corner and give another camera angle:




It will be a whole new method of working as coupled with my new project at work I will have less time and I will also have to try and construct a small modelling work top tray for evening dabbling rather than walk to the garage every time I need a pair of pliers etc. (Jerry has an excellent mini workbench type set up for this)


But...the enthusiasm is back...and I think this could be the ideal way to build upon it...


Hope to get cracking on the carcass for the fascia soon - Toodle pip ;)


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