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Portescap RG4 motor should I keep it ?


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Some time ago I won 2 locos on Ebay, the reason to buy both was that they had brass chassis which I thought could go under one of my whitemetal locos. The first being an Airfix 14xx tank and the other a Mainline 57xx Pannier.


When they arrived my hunch was correct as both had etched chassis and Romford/Markit wheels. However when I looked at the chassis in more detail the Airfix has a Portescap RG4 ? and the Mainline what I believe is a coreless motor a Buhler. 


Both run superbly, but neither body is super detailed. I dont have a 4mm layout at the moment, I have a few locos with Mashima motors with etched chassis which run fine, and some more chassis to build which will have etched chassis and Mashima or Sagami motors. But I will not be buying any more coreless motors unless they come like these accidentally. Given that I have a spare Comet 14xx chassis (built) with Romfords and Mashima should I keep the coreless locos or sell them ?


Forgetting the cost of an Airfix loco its self the cost of the chassis for the 14xx is £18.50 and Markits wheels £26, RG4's go for about £80 so in parts we are talking of about £125, as for the Mainline chassis, wheels and gearbox £63 plus £50 ? for the motor again without the bodies a little over £100


Having the chassis built up should add to their value.


Now what should I do? as I prefer to build rather than run do I keep them or sell them. Do I need coreless motors as the rest of my fleet has Mashima's. I have a ready built and running Comet 14xx chassis (and another waiting to be built) I have a couple of K's 14xx and a couple of each version of K's 57xx.


If I do decide to sell should I sell the complete loco, swap motors and sell the RG4, break down into body, chassis and motor and sell all 3 separately ?  What about the Mainline ?. Sell complete or use the chassis on one of my K's and swap motors.


There is a slight agenda here, though I have several solutions to it


1 The wife is suggesting I reduce the space my kits are taking up (I do have too many kits to build)

2 I want to downsize my to do pile of kits

3 The club is building a 7mm layout so I fancy buying a RTR loco to run on it and to test at home my turnout building for it

4 My main interest is O-16.5


Now number 2 will fund number 3 and as the loco I fancy does not have a release date there is no urgency, but I am just thinking that these 2 locos do not fit the profile of my collecting as I only bought them to use the chassis on other locos.


The one thing about selling the locos as complete units is that on another thread it was said that these locos are bought only for the motors and the rest is sold off.


What should I do?

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