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The many little MR businesses we may never visit


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During this last week or so I have acquired 8 Green SR GUVs for a new project.

Who cares I hear you cry. Well I'm just blowing the trumpets of those very small outfits across the country that bother to have an online presence and appear on a 'search'. I had trawled through the 'big boys' and no, the larder was empty.

Through the wonder of the internet I found seven of these vans from Exeter to Taunton to Cardiff to Surrey and beyond. One actually came from our own Classifieds; yea.

I also received prompt and helpful service and the only gripe I would have is that the sites often said they had six when in fact they had one!

Well done those 'little outfits'; long may you survive. :good:

Phil @ 36E

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