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I've been a member for about a month, but have been 'trainspotting' for about 3/4 years, amassing lots of videos, some of which are very intersting...so, I'll start a thread for them! :locomotive:

I try and get out when I can, going to either Euxton Balshaw Lane or Leyland or Preston to see freight and irregular workings, relying on Realtime Trains.


So, let's start with today. I cycled to a footbridge at Euxton Balshaw Lane Junction, down German Lane...here's the stills......

EWS 66086 - Barton & Broughton up pass loop-Crewe Basford Hall Long Welded Rail;



Followed by EWS 90020 'Collingwood'+DRS 47805 'John Scott'/4x ex-Virgin MK2s/47853 'Rail Express' - 5Z90 Crewe H.S-Carlisle Kingmoor Sdg. (DRS). These are for testing Their new loco, 68002 'Intrepid';



So there is my record for today...if anyone knows of any odd workings heading my way (Preston-ish WCML), I'd love to know, but not if they're during school hours (8:00 - 15:30).

(Just a note...anyone can copy my images/stills for personal use only!)




Jack. :boast:

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This was 6K73 Saturday morning Sellafield B.N.F-Crewe Coal Sidings (DRS) nuclear flask working, on the 18th Jan;


(This is Dad's picture ©)

57002/37605/57008/37610 'T.S. Ted Cassidy'/FNA/PFA.





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Right, massive update...as I've not done one for a while...


Starting with Saturday 8th...

First, DRS's 57304 'Pride of Chishire' stabled at the North end of 3;


Then 2 engineer's workings, first 66193 on 3 2 sets of JJA autoballasters in 5;


...Followed shortly after by 66070+66090 on 2 Kirow cranes/ballast/track panels in the goods loop;


Then I spotted 350401 lurking in the sidings;


And 86259 'Les Ross' came in with a support coach ready for the return 'Winter CME';


Finally DRS's finest 37605+37602 came through on 6K73 on 2 (Bizzarly!?)



Then on Sunday I cycled to German Lane (GL) to see some engineer's (ended up being 4), but only got vids of 2;

66083 on ballast/track:


...And 66090 (Again!) on the engineer's yesterday minus cranes;



Finally, yesterday I was at GL again, and saw...

Freightliner's 66560 on Coal...


...Then EWS 66092 on an Arpley-Carlisle N.Y. angine move;


......Then What I went for.... DRS 37425 'Sir Robert McAlpine/Concrete Bob' on a Net. Rail test train from Derby.....post-21664-0-56148700-1392760019_thumb.jpg


That's all folks! (hopefully more tomorrow(weather/WTT depending!!))


Jack :sungum:

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Today I went to GL (Again!) this morning hoping to see some freight, but most was cancelled/did not run :nono:

To start there was a southbound Malcolm's headed by 66301;


Then TP Expresses 350401 on an Edinburgh service;


(I also saw 350405, but didn't get a vid/pic)

Then DRS's 66424 came through on sleepers from Crewe Basford Hall-Carlisle N.Y. This was unexpected...Carlisle must be running out!


...Followed shortley after by 92002 'HG Wells' on the northbound 'Tesco Express'; 


...DBSchenker obviously aren't to everyones liking...

post-21664-0-48948000-1392823529_thumb.jpg :lol:

And I saved the best till last...DBS 60062 'Stainless Pioneer' on 6E32 Preston Lanfina-Lindsey bitumen;



Hope you like...



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Evening all...


If you haven't already, please take a look at my new class 37 gallery in my signature...thanks...


Today we (Me, Mum+Dad) went on a walk from Garstang to Lancaster, but before that they let me have 10 mins at Balshaw Lane...

Starting with an Amey tamper DR73906 'Panther' on a move from Warrington to Carlisle...


Then DRS's 57007+57008 stormed through on a ballast working (Crewe B.H. - Carlisle N.Y.):


And a bit of Deja Vu... first EWS 92002 on the Tesco Express (Again!...)


Then DBS 60062 'Stainless Pioneer' on the Bitumen tanks (Again!);



And whilst on our walk down the Lancaster Canal, I got a nice landscape shot of 66304 on a Malcolms:






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Today I had a day out at Warrington Bank Quay and Arpley Yard (EWS)...

To start I had a nose round at the yard, and the gate to the depot was open........sooo tempting.... :nono:

DBS 60010 and Drax Biomass branded 60066:


EWS 60035, one of the last active ones to still wear maroon:


EWS 66050 'EWS Energy', subject of a forthcoming limited edition I believe...



Then from the station, Freightliner's 70010 powered through on the Fiddler's Ferry coal curcuit:


...And then followed by 66524 having just come off the main line:



Then later on Freightliner's 66514+70013 blasted through on a Crewe B.H-Carlisle N.Y Light Engine move:



Finally...a surprise...a tractor growl could be heard and then 37609 was spotted through the trees on a Pathfinder tour taking in unused/freight only loops and branches:


And then departed the other way with 37402 'Stephen Middlemore' powering away...





Jack :sungum:

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This was 6K73 Saturday morning Sellafield B.N.F-Crewe Coal Sidings (DRS) nuclear flask working, on the 18th Jan;

attachicon.gifApproaching (2).JPG

(This is Dad's picture ©)

57002/37605/57008/37610 'T.S. Ted Cassidy'/FNA/PFA.





Funnily enough I got this at Warrington!!




Nice to have met you today and some great pics on there

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Hi all,

I haven't been out 'spotting' since my last post, but on Saturday I went to my Grandma's.....who happens to live near Barnetby!

But on that very foogy morning, after seeing a test train in RTT (Derby RTC-Derby RTC via the world), I pleaded Dad to take me.

It's a long drive and we missed it by minutes, but it was only 950001..... 

The first train I saw was Freightliner's 66536 on coal out of Immingham (Imported (Full), or Expoted (Empty)???).....


Followed shortley after by EWS 66054 coming out too:


Then a nice full train shot of Freightliner 66520 going into Immingham.....


And last but not least...DBS 60091 on loaded iron ore powering away from a signal check.....



Hope you like...


Jack. :sungum:

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Hi all,

There have been no updates simply as I havn't been 'Out and about' :P ...

I was on camp all weekend doing a DofE expedition over Rivington Pike (!), but today after I got home I went to German Lane to see the 5Z21 Barton under Needwood RSMD to Polmadie car MD class 57 and voyager move.

I didn't realise it was 221144 though, the 2 car vomiter made from 2 spare driving cars after the 5 car upgrade of the rest of the fleet:






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I have been out recently but my computer has been playing silly beggars, so I couldn't upload. :no:


At Balshaw Lane on 12.3.14, I saw 37604 on a 1Q14 test working to Preston and the lines around from Derby RTC...



More recently, on Monday (17th) I cycled to a small bridge south of the junction to see 6K05, with 57009+57007 hauling 3x'Salmon', 8x'Falcons', and 9x'Ospreys':


I felt like seeing it again on Tuesday, so I went to the same bridge, and this time it was 57012 leading 57009 (So 009 must have gone back up over night)...



That's all for now, but stay tuned for 'Bittern' and freights ... The Derby - Fort William tour this morning ... and hopefully a couple of hours at Preston tonight!


Jack :sungum:

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Hi all,

This is a massive update as I have not had time to access the computer recently, but that's life!


On the 15.3.14, I like most others went out to see 'Bittern' (at German Lane), because I have never seen her before on the mainline, and she never normally comes this side!

First though, EWS' 92037 'Sullivan' crawled through on the Daventry-Mossend 'Tesco Express'...


Followed after by Freightliner 66514 on a coal trip:


...Then the star of the show came steaming through...on the slow!?....



Last Friday I had a day off school, so I made the most of it...

German lane in the morning, with 'Sullivan' again, but at a more spritely pace!


Then 66429 on a morning Modal...


...and 66303 on a double Kirow crane move bound for Carlisle N.Y...


I was rather pleased after this, as '303 is the last DRS shed in my Platform 5 book I had yet to see!

But I stayed to see West Coast's 57314 (57315 DIT) on 'The Winter West Highland Statesman' from Derby to Fort William:


In the afternoon, I went out again, but to the bridge further up to see 6K05, but also the logs as I had time today!

DRS's 57007+012 were on it this time, with a rake of short wheelbase ballast wagons...


And Colas Rail's 56094 on the Carlisle - Chirk logs;



On Saturday, I was taken to Leyland, and caught 6K73, with 37606+37612 on the front...


And following a successful practice for a concert that night at the Preston Guild Hall, got to the station to catch EWS 66035+171 on a loco move from Arpley-Carlisle:



And as if that wasn't enough trains for one weekend, on sunday I went to the bridge after seeing a Barton pass loop-Crewe B.H. engineer's, headed by DBS 60062 'Stainless Pioneer'....



Thankyou for reading all this,


Jack :)

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Today I went 3 places, the first was the bridge at Charnock Richard.

I went to see DRS's 37604 on a UTU test working to Carlisle from Derby, with DBSO 9703 on the back...


Then on to Preston to get Mother some thing(s) for tomorrow, and 57302 'Chad Varah' was the resident 'Thunderbird':


And by chance, TPE's 350401 was stabled, and 350402 came in on an ECS from Lancaster!


After froth on forums, I had hoped it would be 350409 in it's new colours, but no... :no:

And then 4 of the 10 units were at Preston, when 350410+404 arrived with a service for Manchester Airport...


After this I saw a cement train running 130 early from Clitheroe, so Dad took me to Leyland, where 66151 crossed to the slow with it's train;



Hope you like...



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I personally like the dirty ones especially, as it shows where the dirt originates. How it is thrown up from the ground, how the smoke settles on the vents. I liked the earlier H G Wells particularly. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for adding where you saw them in the future when people need proof if a certain train ran on a certain line that info will also prove of value.  :sungum:

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Had an OK day at Warrington Arpley today, after going to Go Outdoors I begged Dad to take me down Slutcher's lane...

But first, after reviewing the pictures from yesterday, I liked this one, so I'll show it to you lot...


Taken at Leyland, the name of the photo tells everything.


So first, DBS's 60015 was by the shed...


And 60062 'Stainless Pioneer' was just outside:


Then 66002 'Lafarge Quorn' was in the yard...



Maybe not as much this week, depending on if I get to see 6K05 etc...

Nothing next weekend (DofE Expedition) But barnetby maybe the week after (Grandma's), so I'll be away for a while...



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This update will be very unorganised because I cannot add a placeholder tag when writing this, so I'm going to number the pictures where they were, and go from there....


Hover over the images to see the locos on it and working info...


1. Preston

2. Charnock Richard

3/4/5/6. Barnetby

7. German Lane

8/9. Charnock Richard

10. German Lane

11. Barnetby

12. Preston

13. Barnetby

14. German Lane

15. Buckshaw Parkway


I went to Barnetby on 2 days, and 60092 was on the ore circuit both days, as was 66735 on coal. I have only included good/rare workings because this post would be pages long if I included all the movements!


I've been to Charnock/GL a couple of times, and 92019 was running up for 'The Lancashire Hills and Coast' tour from Preston.


The NR test was from Longsight to Derby via all the routes around here, and I hadn't seen 31233 so that was a bonus!


Sorry about this being all over, but this is the future because of my new windows 8 laptop on IE11... :(


















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Will possibly update it again either today or very soon Tom. :senile:

But you're right, it'd be great to meet up again...you going to go see the FGW move on Saturday again?



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it was a few months ago, I saw that NR set, sitting in a siding by my house (Wakefield), I don't think ive ever seen so many headlights.

Could well have been that set Sam... :dontknow:


They have all the lights for track recording purposes I think, I've never seen one at night myself, but I think 31233 was fitted with them to work with the SGT.



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