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The small yard on Empire mill is entered by a trailing point from the down-line. This had been built while I was building the continuous run around the room. However the yard itself needed a asymmetric double slip  to give access to the two sidings and the cattle-dock. the crossings are all 1:8 but one of the curved sides is quite a bit tighter that the other. As with the rest of the track Templot was used to draw it out. The crossings, both standard and obtuse were made as separate units soldered up to some nickel silver strip.




Ignore the large hole in the baseboard, this was originally going to be were the lever frame was going to fit, but I've had a change of plan now and a separate box is going to be built to hold the frame which will then fit roughly where it is on the photograph. The slip has taken a fair bit of tweaking, but I can now reverse trains in and shunt between the sidings at speeds faster than scale.




Typically the photograph points out a couple of missing chairs so I'd better go and fix that.


Friday night was spend continuing to make up another 5 levers of Shropshire and Herefordshire Area Group (spelt in full to avoid the web censor!) lever frame as Empire Mill needs more levers than Empire Basin.




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