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GWR covered footbridge modification

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Either Ratio 548 or the Metcalf card model.


I need to have the staircase in opposite directions,


Reduce the span and reduce the width of the staircase on one side from 30 mm to 25 mm.


Which is going to be the easiest to modify,

I'm not too worried about the roof being to wide on the side to be narrowed,

Due to being hard back to a wall and limited width, one platform, is only 45 mm wide <11' 6">

Reducing the width would allow clearance for one of the trolleys to go past.





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Well I thought I'd post my solution !!!!


The guys at Ratio were helpful, as also Metcalf models, the later difficult to reduce the width of the stairs as its a plastic part.


The obstruction stopping the platform being wider was the shelf brackets, now modified with more screws to the wall, and a section of the shelf supports runner cut out with an angle grinder.




I guess no-one on the list uses either Metcalf or Ratio covered footbriges.


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