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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - A Little Train Spotting (Playing Trains)

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I had an hour to spare so I thought I would complete a serious layout evaluation (aka playing trains :). So facing up to this dreaded task, I headed to the layout, powered the controls up, and drifted into the mind of Billy Grimes, the cheeky Lancashire scamp as he got in a little copping on his way to school.


"Heading ta station on the way to School spotting jotter at the ready, I wondered what I would cop, would it be a Scot, or a Jube or even a Duchess? Dont be daft lad, I heard myself saying as the usual image met me.



Nothing not even Tommy the porter around to chase me off platform, he must be busy necking his "maude" this is boring I think I'll head up to the embankment wall before Spotty Norman gets there.





Great just in time to see a crab, not copped this one before, Spotty will pop a spot when he finds out, guess those epahlumps must be for Morgan's Meats, our Hattie said they are going to release some new "Jumbo sausages" hope out Mum gets them I like sausages.



Didn't take old Fred long to shunt them into yard, I wonder in I can get some of their doings for Dad's Rhubarb, an if miss we believe me if I tell her epahlump ate my homework???






Or no not another compound on the locals, Spotty said yesterday that he copped a Scot but I think he's fibbing, if he is i'll get me pen and join together the spots on his mug like a giant dot to dot.




At least one of them is maroon, I'll tell spotty he missed a Maroon Jube, its not a whole lie only half of one, so its not a real sin



Great an 8F if only I could read its number, I wonder how many wagons its got on



These coal trains are boring



They must have nipped the bookeys, I could nick that I could, I told spotty I bet I could drive one, better not though I need a fireman and spott's not here, bet his Ma is still giving him a spit wash the plum.




The pick up seems busy today must be summat going on up the branch, don't surprise me though they are all weird that lot don't there, cripes is that the time I'll be late fir School now where did I leave that homework...........


Oh well back to reality, until the next time as always happy modelling :) God I could murder a sauage


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