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White decal sheet

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Does anyone out there have any experience of using White decal sheet on rolling stock

I have several wagons that are variously coloured and which should have white lettering.

I have been able to find some photos of these wagons and can put them through the computer to scale.

What I would like to do is to print ready coloured wagon sides on to decal paper and then apply the complete transfer side to the wagon. My idea is that if I use white decal sheet to print on, will the letters show as white when applied to the wagon.?

Any comments or advice would be appreciated


Michael dJS

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Thanks for the reply Ernie. Can you please clarify exactly what you mean by :" then seal with varnish before applying.  The difficulty is making the other colours opaque"

Does this suggest that the decal should be varnished before making it damp prior to applying to the vehicle?

If so, what varnish do you recommend and method of application. How many coats? Gloss or matt? etc


Michael dJS.



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I printed the colour using an inkjet printer.  When dry the sheet was spray varnished to stop the ink running.  Look at this webpage for information http://www.blackpool-in-the-box.freeserve.co.uk/making%20decals.html


For supply of decal paper try http://www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk/.-Inkjet-Water-Slide-Decal-Paper_151.htm

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I have had some good results using crafty computer paper,

wherever possible I use clear but sometimes you just need that white background.


you have to find ways round it.

I have taken to actually scanning the painted model, getting the scan into photoshop and using the paint colour as the background.

Trim close to the decal and touch any white round the cut line with body color paint.


on this 08 the wabtec symbol is red printed on white with blueey/black boarder, the wabtec, tops plate and cab number are white on bluey/black background printed on white. the wasp stripes are black printed on clear applied over yellow paint.




if you can print on a lazer printer you dont need any laquer, inkjet will need a light coat but I haven't really noticed any performance differences.


your idea of the whole wagon side may work but i have had issues with bigger decals,


devious diesels face would not mould down over his nose very easily even with microsol/set




I have done some DRS 37's with almost a full bodyside, I'll see if I can get a photo.


hope that helps.


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Here we go, a 37, hasty photo (I dont think its even on the rails properly, and yes its a VI-trains body stuck on a lima chassis!)


all the decals on this are printed on white but with a blue border, when you look closely you can see it round the edge.




if you look at the middle grills you can see the decal hasn't quite sat down into all the detail properly.


Oh and BTW  Bigbee line I like the Barbie sponsorship!, we currently have a pink 37 with Hello Kitty on the go at my daughters request...




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