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I’m still busy with creating the solution of the L-shape design I described in my last entry.


The other point of concern  I mentioned in an early blog post. This has to do with the rule of thirds I use for the design of my diorama’s.



The white circles are all filled in with the right amount of details:


Top left: the inside of the warehouse

Below left: the visible unloading scene

Top right: The name sign and the view to the alley

Below right: the wooden pile at the corner of the dock.


This part has a red circle because for me it isn’t filled in enough. On this place I liked to put some further details.


I want to make use of the viewing line from the pile to the alley.



After some try outs I found a convincing solution I believe. It also creates a nice little scene within the diorama.


I placed a black alley cat half hidden under the door, that’s standing in front of the cottage.



A somewhat older guy is placed in the viewing line toward to Canal Alley behind the wooden pile. This is Jim Belburry, who is walking with his dog Honey along the canal on his way to The Anchor, the local pub for a nice pint.



I hope you like the mini scene I created to fill in the red circle.


You also can see I have given the warehouse behind the cottage some more height. Compare it with the first picture in this entry. I’m working on a new builders merchants warehouse. More about that in my next entry.





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