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Blog- Up the Line - 1918 - 1000 bricks don't add up to much....

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.....not when they are 1:48 scale! I should have known this really from my adventures in building a real extension and the unfeasibly large quantity of bricks this too. Anyway I have some scale enough bricks now from a German company called Juweela who make an eclectic range of scenic products which are worth a look although getting hold of then is a bit of a challenge. Well I bought a bag of 1000 but now wish I had gone for the 4000 bag.




These will be used for making jagged edges to the buildings walls and general debris. Talking of debris, I have made a start on the general clutter including a bed head frame which I am rather proud of. Found a pic of one for sale on Ebay, copied it and scaled it correctly then printed it out and used it as a template - 'simples' as a very annoying advert goes.




Have also got a bit further with the road section. Very handy having it removable at this stage for scribing. I s made up from a piece of foam board that I attacked with one of the really scarey kitchen knives then covered with DAS. That was yesterday and still wasn't dry so half an hour on a radiator sorted it out.




Also got around to a couple of little jobs like touching up the paint on the rails and building a buffer stop. I don't have a pic of these so here is a more general one, the hole is for a puddle which will go around the corner of the building.


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