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As I had a couple of spare Oxford Diecast vans laying around I thought I would put some transfers on them. Next job will be to detail the cab interior and very lightly weather the vans. There are 3 pictures showing the front, side and back. You may notice the carrier film in the picture but that's more down to the close up shot. It's not noticeable on the vehicle.





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Thanks David. I've been messing about wondering whether I am good enough to produce anything that would be good enough to use but that old adage 'practice practice and practice' is the key here. If you don't try you'll never know! Mistakes will be made along the way but that's all part of the fun!


I've also just completed 15 ballast loads for my rake of Dapol IOA's which I'll post up on here as well soon and there's the 3 Cambrian YSA'a that are on the workbench atm.



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Ok, a bit more work on the RHTT this evening...


Firstly flash cut off the jetting modules and sanded down.





Then back to the tanks. Ends glued on.



don't know if I need much filler tbh.



Two down, last one curing in the clamp...


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Nice work Tase


The small plus mark for the top hole is key really, don't rub that down !


Anything else is fair game.


I notice there is a crease or two - if these are in the bottom of the tanker you likely won't see them.


Rub them down with p600 then wash.


You can always prime them and give them a bit of tlc prior to painting.


If you've made a good job of the ends, no filler will be required. Rub your finger along the tank and see if there is a ridge or better still a finger nail. Sometimes the p600 black deposits will show up an being uneven - the you know you've got a bit more to take off.


You can file and sand too far of course, then you've gone through the metal and you will have a small depression (literally!). Easily made up with a bit of filler, before or after priming.


Finished by the end of the weekend !!!


Clean up the detail parts nicely but take great care on the water level gauge - prone to snapping.

Carefully mark out the holes. I generally don't go by George's drill but sizes anymore. Larger can be better / easier,

Another tip on than blasted water level part is to cut off a small amount of the two pieces that go inside the tank - they are too long and you struggle to get them in...snap.

Lastly, the stubby pipes at each end - I'd be tempted not to drill the holes as they are often not centred when I've done it. It's easy enough to drill a hole afterwards when you've glued the tank to the base.

Final, final, the water pipe underneath is a right pain to drill through and get that hole in the right place. I wouldn't bother.... Cut a very small piece of the protruding upright section, glue into the space. Sit the tanker on top and see if it fits, if not, take a bit more off.


It's awkward writing this down, picture are better....


Ouuu. If you stick the tanker in a vice for drilling don't squeeze it too hard or you'll risk damaging it / popping an end off..

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You know, there is alot of rubbish in my head about these kits !


The grilles - only a tiny amount of gel super glue. Literally a dot in each corner (not on the mesh area) or you'll see the glue marks behind,


That's true for the larger grille only - the smaller one is not see through.


Make sure you get the larger grille the right way round.


Last.... The exhaust. I don't bother drilling holes anymore. A dab of super glue to the two base bits and with some bull nose pliers place it on in the right place in one go. Looks much better. Again, get the orientation correct, exhaust exit is furthest from the edge.

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Cheers for the tips Nick - much appreciated.


I noticed the small + signs on the tanks...talk about small!


Wishful thinking to think they'll be done by the end of the weekend...I'm at work all weekend! Gonna take my time and your advice and wonderful instructions and get it right (first time I hope!)



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A little more work on the RHTT this morning.


Grills added to modules.




Water tanks sanded down. A bit of filler and more sanding to do.





Next job to add detailing to the tanks and modules.

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Thanks Nick. I've been fairly busy with work and jury service amongst other things lately so the RHTT has taken a back seat at the mo - gotta get back to that soon.


I'm looking forward to project 'tacit blue'...keep me posted mate :)


721 did indeed come from Drake. I'm impressed with how good it looks from a normal viewing distance.


Slightly off topic but a great couple of results for Lewis eh? Let's hope he can get a first win at Suzuka to keep the momentum going!

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Oh yesssss. Back in the hunt, edge of seat stuff for 2 hours on Sunday for me.


I REALLY hope he can keep this going.


I've sourced the locos for 718, need to consider the base coat.


I have a spare 66 body, I may well practice on that with the transfers.


I intend doing two, one is yours subject to it coming out ok..... Or LUL issue the model first......


Just started on the skits FEA - unable to post pics for some reason.



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Fingers crossed for Lewis matey!


Thanks for keeping me in mind - it's much appreciated! I have no reason to doubt why the transfers won't come out ok Nick, if anyone can do it you can.


Let me know if there's anything I can help with.



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Whilst waiting for the F1 qualifying this morning I decided to get back to the RHTT kit. With some help from that seasoned professional RHTT builder - RS4, I've managed to move on a fair bit.


First up the tankers. All bits added in with the exception of the discharge pipes which I'm advised are best put in after painting. The holes to fit the discharge pipes have been drilled but aren't really visible in the second picture unfortunately!








Next up the modules. The grilles, vent, and pods all added.




Finally, the railings and steps.










Next steps are to wash down prior to priming and adding filler if/where necessary. A little bit more work to do on the handrails and then attach them to the modules - hopefully early next week!


Comments and criticism welcome. I am most grateful to RS4 for his very helpful assistance and encouragement!

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My my... Nice job Tase


Nice crisply folded handrails and steps - and it looks like no breakages either ! Those water level pipes are very brittle.


As long as you've got no holes in any modules you'll be ok to soak them. If there are holes it's advised to get all the white spirit out or the paint can bubble (from my experience)


Primer - I've always used tamiya. Getting to the underside of the tankers can be a bit tricky.


Worth doing the undersides too I feel (and paint also) as these are visible due to the nature of the spine wagon


Looks like Lewis aced Sochi... Fingers crossed for tomorrow. I really like this new track.

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Thanks mate. With a hold n fold tool the folding of the brass was relatively simple.


Don't I know how brittle the water level pipes are; two out of three were already broken in the bag! I managed to salvage them however. Thanks for the tip on the primer and painting the undersides.


As long as Lewis stays in pole he should be able to control the race....just needs to make sure he gets a good start. I too like the track....reminds me of Valencia. How small is the pit lane tho?

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