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Blog- Up the Line - 1918 - Sorry Shepton

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Yes, I am afraid that it is big apology to the Shepton Mallet narrow gauge show but I think it would be the wise decision not to venture south tomorrow. The wind is still howling around our ancient chimney pots (which luckily still seem to be in place), and the rain hasn't let up for hours. Coupled with this I did create a rather good Valentines special meal (with our little girl acting as waitress!), which seems to have involved rather a lot of fine beverage. As this has been lamentably absent pretty much since Christmas (big diet!), I fear tomorrow will not be good!


Anyway, back to modeling. I have been unusually disciplined in that I have been working on the back of the boards first. To carry on this sensible strategy I have to tackle the little scene in front of the big house.


I have the GS wagon to the right and two horses finished but need to sort out another wagon. The ones on the left are clearly just local wagons requisitioned for use. A little while ago I bought a Duncans kit for a timber bolster wagon as it seemed to be a lot of wagon (two in fact), for not a lot of money. So am about to set about turning some of the bits into a suitable wagon.




First thing I did though, was to accidentally break off one of the white metal axle spigots so removed the other and will have to drill and fit some suitable wire. So, tomorrow, we shall either have me going South against any sensible reason or more progress on this wagon.......watch this space!


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