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Low relief industrial buildings


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Hi Folks,

 I am in the planning stages of my layout, and would like to know how much space I need to have at the back of my plan for low relief buildings. How deep are these typically? I've looked at the Skytrex Northlight ones for example. And how much space should I leave (roughly) from the edge of the track?





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Hi Pete,


the low relief buildings at the back of my layouts are generally no deeper than 1cm / 1/2". But that depends on the situation: it may well be that I want to have a structure a bit oblique to the backscene; then of yourse it will be deeper.

A nice example IMO would be the Low Relief Warehouse from Scalescenes ( R002b - it's free ). Quite good to try out for yourself.


And the space from edge to track – this is completely up to you. Do you want there a footpath, a trench, a fence or even a road… Mind the doors…!




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Guest Jim Read

Hello Pete,


It is possible to make low relief buildings from photographs, a good source of these is CG Textures: http://www.cgtextures.com/ lots of industrial stuff on there and a lot of it from mainland Europe, register on the site and its all free to download and use.


I did a video here on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yy52QGxAZU on how to do it.


Cheers - Jim

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I'm afraid, Pete…

but German modellers are not so fond of low relief buildings. So manufacturers' programmes are pretty poor in such offers *). Can't recommend anything suitable.


At my layouts I revert to plain scratchbuilding – something like Jim above suggests.





*) and in 7mm it is quite hopeless.

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Thanks Jim - very useful video :-) I have printed off a background from CGTextures, and will have a bash with that :-)


Thanks Armin - do you have any good websites for images/inspiration of Epoch 3 German industry? Is the construction similar to that in the UK?

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Sorry, Pete,

have never looked for good websites for images/inspiration of Epoch 3 German industry. Tried this morning to find a few typical views – not so easy, much in the meantime (i.e. since 1970) replaced my more modern buildings.


And we should not overlook the fact that even in 1960 quite many industrial regions in Germany still were covered with ruins (I know, I did in 1959 a three week bicycle roundtrip…).


And you should be aware that in epoch III some structures of 191ies, 192ies etc. were in use. A nice proposal re. older buildings is this one.


Perhaps you try it for yourself with StreetView.


Here a few examples.


Three times Duisburg:








And five times Frankfurt am Main, Hanauer Landstrasse:












Now it's up to you to decide whether such buildings were similar to that in the UK - I don't know.


Hope this helps…




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