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Welcome to Radleigh!


This is my first go at a 'proper' layout since I was a lad, and I need to keep things realistic. I have little to no space for a permanent layout, so I didn't want to go bonkers - this is 1 foot wide by 5 and a half feet long. There will be a cassette fiddle yard at some point.


Track is Hornby, though I have used only Y-points and Express points to keep things looking smooth. Everything seems happy enough with the points btw - these are the newer kind with finer crossing V's and better check rails - as long as the back-to-back measurement of the wheels is correct even my hamfisted attempt at a ratio 4 wheeled coach will run happily through them. Derailments will not be tolerated :)


It is set up for DCC running and points will be motorised too - not because they need to be on such a small layout but because I want to make it work and learn from the experience.


Rule Number One is very important for me. If I'm not having fun, I'm not interested - so I'll always run what I want. Having said that, If I had to locate Radleigh in space and time it would be South Devon, 1907, so that's what I'm aiming for.


So there we are - that's the plan in a nutshell.






btw that photo was taken about a month ago - so now I have almost finished getting the ballast down. Happy days!


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