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That is probably what I should be doing after the weekend (apologies for the poor spelling and unintentional smiley in the last post!), but have been playing with the little cart instead and now almost finished;




I need to tone down / weather the colour on the wheels and shafts and make a tarpaulin but apart from that it's done. All I need to finish the little cart scene is another horse and some sundries such as feed bags. Here is the mule that I did last night. Again a little toning down is needed - got a bit carried away with the shadows on the blanket! I used acrylics again for this but not the Reeves ones in little tubes this time. Have found a range in The Range which are working really well. They are by 'docrafts' and come in smallish 59ml bottles but are just over a pond each. There is a good range of colurs, the consistency is good straight from the bottle and best of all they have a very nice matt finish. See what you think;




And, yes - another animal on stilts!


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