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Hello there


I'm 35 years (and 362 days) old and live near Zurich, Switzerland. I've considered and discarded joining native UK modellers' forums for quite a long time now. For the last 10+ years, I've been active in German-speaking forums, one of them being about Swiss narrow gauge modelling (www.albulamodell.ch). Mainly because I was fascinated by the excellent modelling artwork of the guy who operates that forum.


My interest in Swiss narrow gauge railways had ended abruptly, when I made a spontaneous trip to Scotland in 2011. I had been watching the Harry Potter movies while recovering from a bad flu, and while watching them, I developed a sudden interest in the "Hogwarts Express". It happened so, that I started to do some research on the location where the train had been filmed and what train had been used. Only weeks later, I found myself hiking through the West Highlands, enjoying a ride on the Jacobite steam train and returning home with my very first N gauge Mark1 coach in maroon.


Ever since then, my passion for the West Highland Line (and all of Scotland to be true) has boosted immensely. As has my rolling stock, which is eagerly expecting tracks to roll on. So I'm planning on recreating the WHL from Corrour (Cruach snow shed) to Mallaig. Work on the WHL in 1:148 has not commenced yet, but research on the line has peaked in form of www.westhighlandline.com, my homepage about the line (avl. only in German). The room for the layout is there to be filled, but since I am sincerely doubting my craftmanship, I've decided on building a test layout at first. A short terminus station, of course set in Scotland, depicting a distillery with heritage railway trains generating some traffic on the line (http://koness.blogspot.com).


So, I figure now is time for me the come head-to-heads with the many talented modellers around here. I'm looking forward to taking part in, discussing, sharing and enjoying our wonderful hobby with you all!


Cheers and Uf Wiederluege from Switzerland!



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westhighlandline, on 18 Feb 2014 - 16:33, said:

Isn't that supposed to bring bad luck, when congratulating someone in advance? :O



Hope not - let me know how your luck goes!

Corrour  to Mallaig would be quite something.    I assume you've thought about Crianlarich.

Maybe you should put a link to here on the "Railways of Scotland" Forum.


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although Mallaig WAS indeed on the West coast


 I dearly hope it'll still be there when I'll go and visit the WHL in four weeks. Ha!


Naw, Crianlarich is not on the list. It has been nicely modelled on the Loch Oran layout by David Harrison before. No need to copy his work. Corrour (Cruach) makes for a perfect starting point on the layout, as the snow shed forms a structure much like a tunnel. A perfect excuse for trains to suddenly appear!


Aye, I've been following the Scotland thread for a while now. If I only had a little more to present...

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Welcome  indeed!


Its  a  funny  old  world  isnt  it,  heres  me  living  in North  Wales  ( but  not  Welsh)  not  too far  from  the  Welsh NG  Railways  and  the  Llangollen  Std  gauge  line,  but  avidly  modelling  American  NG  in 0n30  and  American  standard   gauge  in  N.


Having  visited  and  ridden on  Swiss  Metre  Gauge  it  was  VERY  hard  not  to   over invest  in  BEMO,  I must  admit  to  once  building  a metre  gauge  Rhb layout  and  my  garden line  for  many  years  echoed to the  sound  of  the  Crocs, & The  Ge 4/4s


Have  Fun!

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Hello Kosta and welcome,


Those are some nice web pages you have created there, I hope you will share some of those pic's on here too.



Enjoy your stay in RMweb land,


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Wilcomme Kosta von einem Schweizer-Fan!


I hope that you enjoy this forum.


Any questions can usually be answered by someone!


Thank you for the link to 'albulamodell'. Some beautiful modelling on there. I do like the scenic work.

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