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Best Model Filler?

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I am not a modeller who can cut out a piece of plasticard perfectly all the time, so after producing nearly 20 buildings for my layouts now a bit of filler is in desperate need.


However I am torn for which to buy.


The two best types I can find seem to be Humbrol model filler and deluxe materials perfect plastic putty (Both available at buffers model railways, my closest model shop).




Which of these are the best overall or is there another product more recommendable?


Thanks, J.

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Been modelling many years, used most available fillers, now I use the perfect plastic putty, as it has a nice consistency, and excess can easily be  be wiped off. Instead of Humbrol, I use Squadron Green (or white) putty which is a similar type,but l ess aggressive than Humbrol.(by which I mean it does not melt the plastic)

I am sure many others will be along with their preferences and suggestions. Like most things, only by using will you be able to decide for yourself

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