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Blog- 4mm scale agonies - Throw some light on the subject

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I said yesterday that today I'd work on the lighting and paint the frontage. As good as my word that was what I did. In the end I opted for a light grey to paint the display rather than a black which I thought would be too overpowering. For the photo I also knocked up a quick nameplate on my computer. It looks OK. The lighting is not so good in the basement where I work usually so please excuse the darker lighting but it does show how effective the IKEA "KOMPLEMENT" lighting strip is at lighting the scene.


A peek behind the pelmet shows the KOMPLEMENT strip fixed in place as per the fitting instructions. Though I did use some slightly longer (3/4") fixing screws instead of the 1/4" screws supplied.


If I'm being hyper-critical the lighting strip needs to be angled a bit because there is a slightly darker strip at the very front of the layout. But that will be less noticeable in the exhibition hall, I expect.

A few more bits and pieces and I'll have a very presentable layout for Saturdays show.


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