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Stanhope Glass Co. - 7mm Industrial micro


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I've come to the realisation that not everyone browses the UK Industrial specialist forum, so I'm hoping it's not against any forum rules to post this thread here as well for a wider audience to see. So, below are the posts so far from 4 days of working on and off on the layout. Let me know what you think. :)



(Posted on Sunday)


After a long period of collecting O gauge track and rolling stock as cheaply as possible, I figured now was as good a time as any to actually build something with it all.

I've been banding around several ideas, including a Glassworks, and a model - or at least a representation of - Bolsover Colliery, as it casts a huge shadow over my youth both literally, and as my father worked there from my birth up until it closed in 1993, figuratively as well.

After investigation on Bolsover Colliery showed that it would be a massive undertaking to model it on my own, I settled on the glassworks.

It isn't much to begin with but I am sure I can extend the layout as time and money allow.

For now, this is what I have:

The buildings are of course mock ups at this stage but that should give an idea of what I am trying to achieve.

So far the only structure which has had serious work put in is the loading dock at the front of the layout. It's going to represent either a cullet or sand store, depending on if I can find a suitable way of representing cullet in model form.

It is made from a balsa wood core with individual planks added to the top and the front (not visible from the front of the layout), made from coffee stirrers collected from Costa and McDonalds over the last year.

Much more work to do but now it's time to make the Sunday dinner, so I'll have to wait until later this evening I reckon!  :)

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Sunday evening:


More work done on the loading dock, and I have made a start on the drainage ditch. Once the loading dock is ready for painting I will be making a start on the backscene buildings.

I snapped a few more photos on my phone. They aren't great but they do the job.  :)

Let me know what you think.  :)



Post 2:


Oh, I meant to mention roughly the kind of costs I've spent on this so far.


The balsa wood is from a Jarvis scenics jumbo pack which cost £8 from a model shop near my railway club.

The coffee stirrers were free.

The baseboard was traded with members of my railway club for some MDF off cuts I got a long while ago for a modelling project that never came about - they cost £4, so that's technically what the baseboard cost.

The plaster filler which is being layered up to form the bed of the ditch was from Poundland - guess how much it cost!  :derisive:

The brick papers are from Scalescenes which I got along with their windows and arches kit for £4 combined cost - printed out at work so no cost for paper or ink.

The reeds are from a cut up wallpaper pasting brush - another Poundland find.

The track was part of pack of several meters of home built track I got from Ebay for £16 delivered, so about £2 for what I've used here (and that's erring on the expensive, it's probably much less)

The foam core for the backscene buildings was purchased from Ebay - a pack of 10 A1 sheets which were £30 delivered - got them a while ago to try and make baseboards with but by the time they arrived I'd already found a source of free wood - thank you work! I estimate I'll use about 1 full sheet so £3 for that.

The corrugated iron panels you can see lying around in some of the photos were made from a corrugated card press I picked up in Hobbycraft for £3 and some aluminium food trays I got from B&M for 89p.


The rolling stock is by far the most expensive. £10 each for the two 16T mineral wagons and £8 each for the 5 plank wagon, low sided steel wagon and the van. They all need TLC and detailing work to make them decent but they are passable for now, and for those prices I'm not complaining!


So far, a fairly decent budget for this.  :)

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