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Capital Bridge & Container Yard


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A bit of a mouthful I know but with a new year brings (hopefully) a new layout.

As many of you have seen I have recently managed to get hold of a Heljan Container Crane and was busy playing with that until my little jaunt to Australia took me a way from it. Now I'm back and keen to actually get on with building a layout. Strathbridge TMD layout has been sold (sadly - but no room for it !) and the idea of a T&RSMD has come and been declined....

Therefore this new layout will be a round round 15ft x 10ft layout that will be split into two distinct areas - on one side a container yard with a passing double track main line and on the other a main line station which will take up the whole width of the 2ft that runs along that side. I guess think a bit of a Haymarket station affair with through lanes but also with a couple of lines that end in the station for local DMUs and stabling of locos / parcel vans. 

The layout will be non specific to era or region but will allow me to run anything from 80s through to the modern day. However, as always there will be a lot of bias towards Scottish Region locos and units.

I had a go at laying some of the track for the station side last night and here are some of the results :






And then for some gratuitous sulzer posing .......

And the well worn Bean .....


I plan to run the platforms the majority of the length of the station as this will allow Push/Pull 47s, Charter Trains and hopefully HSTs to pull up and let passengers alight. Thinking of making a covered footbridge for passengers to access platforms and do a low relief station building / facade against the back wall to give the appearance of a bit more depth. 

Still playing with the track configuration but first looks are quite pleasing - once more platforms are in place and the track is ballasted with a few weeds etc, I think it'll start looking less like just a load of track.

With regards to the container side of the layout - I have a basic plan but just needs a bit of tweaking and then i will aim to lay that track and join both sections up. There will be tunnels at both ends of the station (again a nod to Haymarket) which will double as a scenic break for the side sections of the layout which will literally just be the continuation of the double line track.

Hope you like the start of my layout and i shall endeavour not to chop and change too often and actually get an end result this time.

As always comments and criticisms welcome



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So playing around with Peco platforms in the station area and have decided to split on platform so that it can be entered from both ends but is not a through road - quite a common occurrence on many large stations.

Heres a few results - obviously need to get some more platforms .....




Will have to get some more track first as well ..... hopefully this week.

Then had a look to see how many coaches could be stabled in the sidings - and the charter stock rolled in .......




Ok so had some more time in the loft last night and laid some more track around the station area - really pleased with how it's coming along.

Then decided to have a southern evening :







Managed to shake off man flu and have a bit of time finishing off the initial laying of the platforms in the station area last night. Here's some pics :





Really pleased with how it's coming on. The plan is to use merkur styroplast grey walling against the back wall to give the facade of being a low level station, then the station will be detailed, maybe a road over bridge and tunnel entrances to both ends.

Then a couple of sparkies rolled in to stable :



Not got a track plan as such I'm afraid just made it up as I went along but hopefully you can get the idea from the photos.

Comments welcome as always


Oooh found a couple more pics :



I had a bit more time up the loft last night and started to add the back wall to the station - am aiming for a kind of underground station - a bit like Waverley or Euston - so not covered but below street level. Will then add detailing like platform canopies, maybe even a lift to street level etc.

Heres a few pics including a DRS invasion :





Back walling is from Merkur and is called Styroplast - a great little scenic item - also available in brown and with preferred arches !!


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An overall view of the station to give you an idea of the length of trains that the platform can hold :


And then a few scottish beasties 



Well back I have managed to pin all the track down in the station area, next i removed the platforms and covered the points then it was on with the track grime .........




Track dried and given a good going over with a track rubber then tested by 37 and Class 20 - all good !

Added the buffer stops which i had previously weathered and then added buffer stop lights. These are the ones from train tech and simply slot into the track - they are DCC compatible and i think, look really good.




Productive last night up in the loft - finally joined the double track circuit up and finished installing the track in the container yard.

This now allows trains to run fully around the layout and into the container yard - i have used a double track entrance to the container yard technically allowing trains to enter and exit the facility at the same time. I did think about electrifying it to allow 86s and the like into the container yard but this might prove a step too far given the current products available and I'm not going to scratch build anything !!! Guess i could always drag a failed 86 into the yard ????

The main line section behind the container yard will be electrified as that is a simple twin track straight section so no curves or crossovers required. 

Now its onto the planning of how to add the scenic breaks - I like the idea of a underground style station ala New Street or Euston so will probably add tunnels to both ends with roads atop them to add some detail and make it look more realistic.

With regards to the entrance to the container yard - I intend to have a ramp going down to the yard for lorries etc to access it and this will lead to a bridge over the track with the appropriate foliage added to give it some greenery. Both side sections of the layout will be hidden thus negating the need to ballast and detail.

Took a couple of shots of a couple of locos in the station :

86102 Bobby Riddles with a passenger set


58020 Doncaster Works with a mostly loaded MGR train 


Snapshot of both 


Need to fix down the platforms next and then its on to the detailing - undecided yet as to use the full Peco system or just the platform edges and make my own platforms from MDF and then add the wet and dry paper to the top of them to give the tarmac look. Will fix the edges down minus the tops and see what i think.

More updates soon I hope. 

In the meantime - Im after some help with naming this layout.....as most of you know I have a lot of affection for the Scottish region but lately - I'm becoming 'infected' by the Southern Region and also some Modern Image stuff so I need a kind of generic name for the station that is not too scottish sounding or indeed could be anywhere - answers on a postcard please ...... actually, no, you can just reply on here - can also have a separate name for the container yard if you think of one .............


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Thanks for the comments guys - the 09 is indeed a Hornby repaint of 012 from engineers grey.


The crossovers are to the side of layout so they can be positioned there - did think about putting some in the station mouth may possibly change this .....

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Its funny how lovely and addictive DRS livery is - i think my affection for it is because its apple to 'old locos' i.e. classes that only have a few survivors but i think it looks really great - got a few more i'll photograph and post including 714 & 703 in revised DRS ..............



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Cheers bob - lots of work to do yet to get there but enjoying it and looking forward to taking my time with this and getting it right.


Will update soon when more work has been carried out



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Hi Neil - it's something I do in partnership with lee from lees locos - we are actually taking orders on 703 and 714 at £145. Can also do other locos to request.


Hope that helps



Is the £145 for complete loco Ben? or do io have to send loco to you?


thanks Ken

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Hi Ken - its £145 including the donor loco - only additional cost is if you want it custom weathered .....


Let me know if you are interested - they are done to order so can take 2 - 3 weeks from order to delivery.


PM me if you want more details or to place an order




Not sure what you mean by donor Loco? do you want me to send you loco,then you carry out the work.And then i pay you the £145?


cheers ken.

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Thanks Andrew - my ever growing roster of locos isn't helped by having an interest in too many regions and too many eras - but it does make for some good pictures !!!!


Just awaiting some Merkur Styroplast for the back wall of the station - then i can get on with fixing platforms down and ballasting and detailing the station itself.  Thinking of having road bridges at both ends to act as a scenic break and also to give the impression of a below street level station ala New Street or Euston.


Will update as soon as i can



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Ok some of you may have noticed that the thread name has changed - and what a mouthful it is now !!!


I have decided as I run many eras and regions to have interchangeable Station name signs - when in Scotland - it shall be called Strathbridge Central and when i gravitate south near to the southern region it will be called Capital Bridge.  This will allow me to run all types of stock and locos and not feel out of place.


The Container yard will be Strathbridge Yard which is based in Scotland but will have all kinds of relevant locos both diesel and electric running into and out of the yard.


Glad ive sorted that now on with the layout ....... once my Merkur Styroplast arrives !!!



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