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Nice and snug on the outbound Eurostar.  Discovered one can take larger luggage, but it has to be take on board by staff "to a special secure area on the train" and collected at the other end.  Very convenient ... pity it is not mentioned on the Eurostar website.  I found out about it in the onboard journal.


I also managed to rebook my seat on arrival at St P, obtaining an end seat, next to the door and luggage rack rather than a seat in the middle of the car with relatively poor access.


Waiting for the Rotterdam train at Brussels Midi, with a Belgium double-decker in the background.


...and the little fellow on the way home, 'flying' over the yards outside Brussels Midi on the LGV's viaduct.  Unfortunately my second camera battery went flat at this point so there are no pictures of the engine landscape gliding by at 184mph.


Sorry the pictures are a bit cropped, but I was using a more powerful camera and did not get far enough away for making files small enough to be posted.


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