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The new milling machine is installed and the workshop juggling is complete, but I still need a tidy up session. I must thank all who joined in the forum session I started ; each in some way helped my choice. One member asked for pics of the machine but I don't know how to put pictures into a forum section so I decided to dump 'em here.

I think some of you will be happy to take a peek into 'Honley Tank'.

This shows the Petol/Taig machine, the beast which caused all the commotion and reshuffle.

To the right of the Petol is the Myford 7 and further away is the Boley watchmaker's lathe.

Actually it was the tiny Proxxon milling machine that caused the upset; that's it hiding behind the vertical drill. I shall now set up the Proxxon as a profile milling machine. Up in the top right of this pic. it's possible to see part of my Dremel drill stand.

This is the corner of the workshop where I carry out the bench work and the loco is a B1 in LNER 1947 livery. No.1036 was delivered to Gorton brand new in Dec. 1947 so only just made being an LN ER engine!

That's it, a quick tour of Honley Tank; sorry about the untidiness but I've only just finished the re-build. Mind you it's not normally much tidier!!!


Happy modelling to you,



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