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Blog- Trevanion Dries - Concrete Progress & 08 Conversion

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Here goes nothing - it is a test layout, after all! Before and after shots of the P-Way following a visit from the concrete pouring gang: :O





Once dry, the filler will be sanded until the rails are slightly proud of the surrounding concrete (I sanded the tops of the rails level beforehand) and then the flange recess on the inside of the rails gently scraped clear. Clearly, I've left the pointwork for the next batch of concrete after I've see how the rest of the job has turned out!


On the rolling stock side, I've now got the 37, 150 and 153 all happily converted and running over the layout without issue, so I've had a go at converting my old Farish 08 to 2FS and DCC. This is a stopgap until I've got a new Bachman 08 bodyshell and have purchased the parts for and built a 2FS chassis - some way off yet. I purchased a TCS Z2 decoder which nicely fits inside one half of the cab, although the running is a little jerky still which I think is probably due to my dodgy soldering rather than any CV values (the re-profiled wheels and track are spotless) although any other ideas gratefully received!


Decoder added


Fitting neatly inside the cab


And afterwards, with re-profiled 2FS wheels added




More on how that concrete turned out later in the week!



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