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Turning loco wheels


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What exactly is required?


I had always asumed there was a need to re-profile the tread but I've seen a couple of references now (latest in the inspirational Jinty thread) to simply(?) thinning the flange by turning down the back of the wheels. Is that all that is required? What does the association wheel turning service do?



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The minimum that needs doing is to reprofile the flange so that the thickness & depth conform to 2mm standards. Then the wheels can be moved out to the correct back-to-back dimension.


Where there's detail on the front face of the wheel, such as on steam loco drivers, this is all that can be done. It does increase the overall width across the wheel faces so there can be clearance issues with splashers, brake rodding etc.


There is a slight upside to this, in that the wheels can be reset to N gauge back-toback dimensions and the loco restored to N gauge use.


If it's a plain disc wheel, as in a diesel or electric loco, the wheel width can be reduced, so a wheel to 2mm standards is created. 


The wheel turning service offers both types of reprofiling.


Turning the front face of a spoked wheel is tricky and leaves the spokes needing reshaping, if it can be done at all.



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