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Blog- The GC and Met in OO - The Gorton Mogul, Part 4

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I think with the Gorton Mogul that the finish line is coming into sight.  Here is the model after a second coat of matt black paint:



Work still to do on the model basically runs to lining (for which I'm going to attempt a new method- I'm going to scan the model onto my laptop, then use photoshop to trace around the outlines, then print those lines onto waterslide paper- this is just waiting on a copy of photoshop, the special paper and varnish) and handrails (another new method to try- 15amp fuse wire which should hopefully be a bit more maleable than my previous attempts in plastic rod or brass wire).  


In other news, I've acquired another member of the 'waiting to go through the works club'...




... A Great Central 'Immingham' class locomotive.  I actully built one of these from a Hornby loco not so very long ago, but particularly the area around the cab has always struck me as being off in some indeterminate way.  My plan therefore is to use this model as a master to build a replacement cab for my first B4, then repaint it into LNER lined green and give it etched brass 'Immingham' nameplates.  


Finally, for a change a model that will have absolutely nothing done to it whatever:




My Bachmann 'Pom Pom' arrived!  I'm very pleased with it- and I'm equally pleased to note that the pair of Pom Poms I built last year are just as good as it (so neither of them need replacement to match)...


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