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Bason Bridge Milk Tankers

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Hello.  Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of suitable tankers (OO) to represent the Bason Bridge traffic please?  Kit or RTR.  Also, livery information if known.  Many thanks.

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The only RTR milk tankers are the Hornby (slightly improved ex-Lima) model, and the Dapol (slightly improved ex-Hornby Dublo) model. Both of these are based upon the Ex-GWR milk tanker. However, both of these have a number of inaccuracies. Ignoring dimensions (which I havn't checked), these are ...




Incorrect brake lever shape and mounting.

Brake shoes on centre wheel set shouldn't be there.

Spring dampers mounted on brake shoe arms rather than under the spring ends.

Brake Cylinder(s) missing.

Thick bands round the whole of the tank body.

Tank body 'straps' missing.

Metal weight visible under tank body.




Incorrect brake lever shape and mounting.

Brake shoes not in line with wheel treads.

Tank body 'straps' missing.

Tank end support arms should be mounted on front of buffer beam not into the top of it.


For both models, if you study photos of ex-GWR milk tankers, the underframes are all the same (with the possible exception of the brake V hangers), but above that varies considerably because the underframes were owned by the railway company, but the tank was owned by the dairy. So things like the shape and number of tank supports varies, both models have 6 but it could be 4.


The position of the ladder and framing (sometimes) around it varied from middle to end, and the size and shape of the top platform also varied.


Basically, they're a bit of a nightmare. To model one accurately you need a photo, but from what I've seen there were quite a few similar ones that were roughly like the Dapol and Hornby models with the ladder in the centre.


There is also a metal kit (white metal and brass I believe) from David Geen. I think this costs around £45 but I have no experience of it.


Ex LMS and SR milk tankers were also seen on the S&D in BR days, but the above all refers to the Ex-GWR ones.

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If you want to fettle up the Hornby or Dapol models, this gentleman does a range of etched parts to cover some of the variations of ladders and walkways:-


I've bought a couple of different ones, but haven't summoned up the courage to assemble them yet.

His instructions in the 'Instructions and Downloads' section are excellent. Some useful photos.

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The Creamery at Bason Bridge was United Dairies which became Unigate in 1959.


As others have said, the existing RTR models are a little lacking in the accuracy department but if you are looking for something roughly accurate then the livery will depend on the date. Pre-nationalisation, you would have seen liveries like this.






After nationalisation, the milk tankers were slowly repainted into plain silver livery which quickly weathered to dingy grey in service as all the soot stuck fast to the milk the inevitably splashed on the tank sides.






There is a nice shot of a milk train from Bason Bridge behind a 2MT about a third of the way down the following page. The first 2 tankers are in typically filthy condition but the third has obviously either recently been cleaned or repainted as it is positively sparkling.



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