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Return Curves in Templot

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When I create a return curve in templot it doesn't seem to follow the adjacent track centres I have specified. Is this because the crossing angle is too sharp or is it just an optical illusion?


A lot depends on the original mainline, if I think that the return curve has not worked correctly I make A double track on the turnout side, then I make a branch track and curve it until it makes a tangent with double track and shorten both to suit.


Martin on the other handmay well do things differently, have you aked the question on the Templot forum?




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Hi Pete,


There is a long 4-page tutorial about return curves in Templot at:




It is 14 years old, so somewhat out of date, but the basics remain the same.


If you post a screenshot of what you are trying to do, I can reply in more detail.





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