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Bachmann 38-012 EWS MFA wagon (ex RfD)

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Hi guys,


Slightly trivial question this but I bought one of the above to break up a short rake of coal sector MEAs. What I don't understand is why this is EWS ex RfD? It has no EWS markings on it and looks like and coal sector unless there is something I'm missing?


eHattons listing linked below:




Thanks in advance

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The first batch of MEA wagons were built in BR days (around 1990) for Coal traffic, hence the Coal sector livery.  When the wagons passed into EWS ownership, a number of these MEA wagons were reduced in height for the conveyance of ballast and spoil to and from possession sites.  At that point they were recoded MFA (I think that this was around 1998).  Therefore, by definition, all MFA wagons are and always were EWS (now DBS) owned irrespective of the livery and markings.  However, when converted, many were not repainted and the original livery (Trainload coal, Loadhaul or Mainline Freight) was retained.


This wagon is therefore intended to represent one of the wagons converted for engineering use under EWS ownership that were not repainted.  Technicaly, it is unlikely to be appropriate as part of a rake of MEA wagons, but would be more appropriate breaking up a rake of EWS maroon MFAs (Bachmann), EWS maroon MTAs (Bachmann) and EWS maroon MHA coalfish (Hornby).  The MFA, MTA and MHA wagons operate in an interchangeable pool on infrastructure renewal projects.





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