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Removing water/fuel tanks from a Bachmann Class 47 chassis

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I plan on using these for long rakes but I plan to use them on one Freight (47/3) loco, one ETH loco (47/4) and a couple of Long Distance (47/8).  This means that either one or both water tanks will be absent from the prototype (please correct me if I'm wrong).


I have a Heljan chassis and a few Lima chassis too and the idea is to swap the fuel/water tanks.  This looks easy on the Heljan chassis as the tanks are fastened with plastic clips, but I'll have to chop them off the Bachmann and Lima chassis.


My questions are:

1) Is there another way of removing the tanks from the Bachmann chassis?

2)  I'll have to do some cutting anyway.  What's the best way of removing the tanks this way?



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