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Blog- halfmoon colliery railway - New fiddle yard

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(Please tell me if this post is too long)


To start of with, here is a photo of the stone work plans for the bridge that I forgot to include on my last post.



One of things that I have been wanting to do but never had the opportunity, to rebuild my fiddle yard into something more than just one track. I contemplated cassette but instead settled on a traversing table, and just by chance only a few days after that decision did a neighbour throw out a tv table with a draw, so I carried it inside and took it apart before any rain got to it, and I also got draw sliders with ball bearings in them, and some large pieces of chipboard to use at sometime in the future.


Planning for the traverser started with drawing it out o the old fiddle yard



But to start the conversion I had to take the white boards off, then I unscrewed the fiddle yard extension to remove that, next would be cutting out the amount of board I didn't want but I had to leave it screwed in because the woodwork underneath is too wobbly, so I cut through the board and the unscrewed it, I had to also screw on a strengthening timber because I would be cutting out sections of the woodwork for the movement of the table, next was cutting out the board for the traversing table, and cutting out timber to screw on the underside which would have the sliders screwed to them, another timber of the same size was cut to screw on the underside of the old board.


From there everything was dry fitted together to check that it ran smoothly, which it didn't,  so followed the repeated moves of sanding and fitting until it worked, then screwing it all together.



All of that was done last Friday. Yesterday I went to Narrow Gauge North, where I got some second hand OO flexitrack, and assortment of plasticard, when I got back, the track was cut, filed and pinned down, as well as the pick up wire soldered on to each track which were threaded down holes drilled earlier, underneath these wires have been connected up to the main track power of it's respective rail, the power to the other rail will run through the door bolt which has yet to be bought.


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